Paul Ryder Cup 2010

I’m making a short film for Pembrokeshire Surf Ryders. It’s about their first year of being a club and the reasons behind the club starting up. On Halloween 2010 they held their inaugural open Championship for the ‘Paul Ryder Cup’ This vid is a short taster of the surf on that Sunday. All of the clips are taken from the opening rounds, the surf got better as did the surfing the further the competition progressed, but I’m saving all of the best bits for the main film.

I shot the surfing with my Sony Ex1, Letus Extreme DoF adapter and a 500mm long lens. I was quite happy with the results although some of the shots are a little grainy due to Low light and batteries running down on the Letus!!

Stay tuned for the full film, which will be done, fingers crossed by the end of December.

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