Stella and Tiny – Conversations with the Arbroath Herald

Over the last few days I have been in touch with the Arbroath Herald. Initially I was going to run an ad in the paper asking if anyone had any information on Stella and Tiny; but  after a conversation with the paper they advised me instead to write a letter to the editor.

So I did.

Today I had a further conversation with Brian Forsyth from the Herald who said if they get a good response from the letter they will run a follow up story. He also asked me to pop in when I’m in the area for a catchup and he would also ¬†like to see some of the footage.

It’s becoming clear that I will have to go to Scotland fairly soon- the documentary is gathering pace and I really need to start filming. It has taken a while to internalise concepts before moving forward on the right path but I feel the road ahead is clear. Not necessarily the in’s and out’s of the documentary as this will unfold as I go along – more of a loose and malleable structure to get me to the end. I also need to decide whether or not I take crew with me or I do what I normally do and go solo. As this is a personal journey I feel maybe I should take at least one crew with me as a second camera unit.

I have almost gone through all of the footage now. The latest reels are of a film called “You In Your Small Corner”. There are 5 x 400ft reels which make up this film, so around 2.5hrs of footage. The film is made in the Muirhead And Birkhill area and looks great. This is the only film on Super 8mm this means there is a soundtrack n the film itself. All of the other films have a 1/4″ audio reel to accompany the footage. Unfortunately I don’t have a projector with sound outputs yet – So the soundtrack is still a mystery to me.

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