Lost and Found

I watched this today and thought it was fantastic. A really beautifully crafted film, using some realy nice editing techniques as well as a great use of graphics and photos.

Text below is taken from the description on youtube

This movie is about being astonished by the culture, nature and beautifull people through the eyes as a painter/surfer using the camera as his brush…

Lost and found.
(shot on DV and 8mm)

Narrated by Alex King Perryman
song by Of porcelain – you are the sun


Shueti also Directed “Movement Never Lies” another favourite of mine. You should check out his work, it’s just amazing.


This is Water -By David Foster Wallace. Film made by The Glossary

Well done The Glossary, ( for taking author David Foster Wallace’s commencement address to the 2005 graduating class of Kenyon College and adding a fantastic film to this amazing speech.

David Foster Wallace was an award winning American novelist who in 2005 gave this inspiring speech to the graduating class. This video, deservedly so, has gone viral with over 4 Million views in the first week.

David Foster Wallace – Feb 21 1962 – Sept 12 2008 (aged 46)

Teradek Cube

The Cube Family are the world’s first camera-top streaming HD video devices. The family includes six encoder models and two matching form-factor decoders. The Cube™ Encoder streams HD video over WiFi or wired Ethernet. The Cube™ Encoder creates its own wireless (ad hoc) network, and streams HD video directly to a Cube™ Decoder, a computer or laptop, a server, or a mobile device such as an iPad with no other networking equipment required. To extended your broadcast range, Cube™ Encoder can join an infrastructure network by using a wireless router and stream over a LAN or WAN. Experienced network users can use Cube™ to stream video over the Internet.

The Internal Monologue of Stella and Tiny

Clipping dated January 16th 1970It’s been sometime since I have written about my Stella and Tiny project.

Since coming back from Scotland on my initial research trip it had taken a back seat as I internalised all of the options available with the project. It then slipped into the background of my thoughts as newer and more urgent projects came through. Recently I have felt Stella and Tiny pushing their way back to the front of my thoughts and this morning at around 4:30 I found myself wide awake thinking about the projects direction. By 5:30 I was writing notes and going through images I have collected, By 7am I was ready for a sleep.

I now have a solid working Hypothesis, up until now there was always the voice asking “Do you really have a film here?” I have more than just a film, I have a visual and historical group of travel films and one film which is a semi anthropological record of Scottish town through an entire year. I also have the story of the authors of these films,  A couple who traveled the world in the 50’s/60’s and 70’s and who created some beautiful super 8 films to show their friends back home. From meeting the people of Muirhead and Birkhill I understand that Stella and Tiny didn’t create these travel documents to Lord it over their less fortunate neighbors; It was in fact a suggestion by  Stellas friend Margaret Swannie to take their cameras on holiday with them and the whole village could experience their travels. I like to think that they were engaging in Kino-pravda, “Film Truth” cinema of real life captured by the camera.

I will leave you with a cutting from Stella’s scrap book. The paper is the ‘Courier and Advertiser’ dated January 16th 1970, the story is a nice little insight to their world. For me the significant information is towards the end of the piece, where it states that “The Youngs, enthusiastic photographers, have made 10 films now, and they are becoming well known for them. Each film has a sound track”. 10 films and the paper is dated january 1970, I wonder how many I am missing?

Paul Ryder Cup 2010

I’m making a short film for Pembrokeshire Surf Ryders. It’s about their first year of being a club and the reasons behind the club starting up. On Halloween 2010 they held their inaugural open Championship for the ‘Paul Ryder Cup’ This vid is a short taster of the surf on that Sunday. All of the clips are taken from the opening rounds, the surf got better as did the surfing the further the competition progressed, but I’m saving all of the best bits for the main film.

I shot the surfing with my Sony Ex1, Letus Extreme DoF adapter and a 500mm long lens. I was quite happy with the results although some of the shots are a little grainy due to Low light and batteries running down on the Letus!!

Stay tuned for the full film, which will be done, fingers crossed by the end of December.


My Friend Caroline sent me this link over the weekend for the dance film ‘Amelia’. I have to say it’s simply stunning, the movement of camera, lighting and shadow, location, music, the play with the viewers visual plane and of course the movement. I hope you enjoy it.

Boulders Summer 2010

This video is a combination of footage shot at boulders over the last 18 months. We decided to go for  high energy tune to represent the nature of Boulders along with fast editing and good action shots. The video is made up of footage from tape based cameras like the Sony Z1 and A1P and my latest tapeless camera Sony EX1 with my Letus extreme and Nikon primes. The video shows off all of Boulders’ latest signage, shop products and taste treats in their cafe.