Stella and Tiny RIP

Today I arrived at the office and there was a letter waiting for me. Nothing unusual there you may think, but this was an actual letter; written by hand, by a real person. It’s been quite a while since I have received a handwritten letter. The stamp on the envelope was Scottish, which immediately made me think about my letter to the editor of the Arbroath Herald I’d written last week.

The letter is from a lady called Anita Walker who knew Tiny or Thomas Young and his wife Stella. In the letter she details her fondness for them both and informs me that sadly they have both past away. The letter doesn’t give any indication of children. It also gave me an address they lived at which I looked up on Google Maps street view and got a image of the house.

[nggallery id=2]

The letter also contained some new leads for me to follow and today I have tracked down a gentleman called George Dall – a good friend and work colleague of Tiny, I have a contact number and will be phoning him later today.

All the evidence (such as it was) indicated that the couple had passed away, but to have it confirmed is nonetheless quite sad and I will be sure to visit their last resting place when I finally head to Arbroath to find more about them.

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